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Age: 41
Residence: Berlin
Artist name: INK
Job Title: Adult Content Creator/Podcaster
Social Media: Instagram: @fkfbrln / Twitter: @inkedbrln

Why shouldn’t we miss your work?
It remains to be seen whether you really shouldn’t miss it. But if you like to watch people having sex, then you’ve come to the right place!

Your greatest day as an artist so far – and why?
The best day for me as an artist so far was the day I decided to start Only Fans because it changed my whole life hard and in fact only for the better so far.

What do you love about the LGBTQ community?
In the LGBTQ community I found my family and a home where I can be who I want to be.

What annoys you about the LGBTQ community?
That the biggest hate still comes from your own community. Most expect absolute tolerance from others, but don’t quite get it from others. Nobody has to like what I do or how I look, but respect.

Why is your work so sexy it fits in HIM Magazine?
What’s sexier than watching two or more people having sex? 🙂

Your insider tip from your city for queers?
Go swimming to Teufelssee in summer and take a short walk through the adjacent forest!

Top or bottom? Who is your art best suited to and why?
I’m mostly Bottom! And I’ve learned that I don’t have a specific target group. But anyone who likes to see good sex and people who enjoy showing it off will get their money’s worth with me.

An erotic sin that you can only recommend to everyone?
To dare to really live out the fantasies that you have in your head, as long as it remains legal and nobody gets hurt.

How easy is it to get guys into bed with your work?
Very easy, because getting men into bed is part of my job.

What else do your fans absolutely need to know about you?
If people wanted to know more about me, I would have to post an x-ray of myself.

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